Essential Gear Every Trail Dog Needs

Essential Gear It may come as a surprise to some of you, but every thru-hiking dog needs a gear list just like their thru-hiking human. And also like their human, while their list may be somewhat unique there are a few essential items every list should include. **Important Note & Disclaimer: Panda was sponsored by... Continue Reading →

Trail Dog Etiquette

Etiquette for trail dogs is just as important as etiquette for hikers, but can easily be overlooked or ignored. These rules of conduct/manners help avoid unnecessary issues with others hikers and animals, which makes trail life much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Trail Dog Etiquette on Trail When approaching or passing other hikers put your... Continue Reading →

Long-Distance Hiking Terms Defined

If you've ever had a lengthy conversation with a long-distance hiker chances are good you've heard a number of terms you didn't recognize right away. And maybe you got the gist of what they meant based on the context of the conversation, or you actually asked for a definition. Or maybe you just let them... Continue Reading →

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